miércoles, 13 de noviembre de 2013

Winners of the Halloween Story

        Hi everybody!!

   Here we have the story our students of 4th ESO group B wrote at Halloween.
The winners are: Rita Alzola, Cristina Monzón, Judith Rodríguez and Néstor Santana.
Enjoy it!

       David steps out of his door in a frightening skelleton costume. He’s about to meet his best friends – Mildred, Stephanie, Matthew, Bartholomew and Andrew. They’re going to go treat-or-tricking around town. His dog Boris is also in a costume. He’s a very scary devil-dog tonight!
They meet at the town square at 21.00 and start walking from houde to house. It’s almost midnight when they find themselves in an unknown street and hear a scream. They start running, scared, until they reach a dark house surrounded by cats.
They knock on the door and an old woman lets them in. Inside, it is even darker and the furniture looks ancient.
A few minutes later, they’re all sat drinking what appears to be bloody cocktails and Andrew and Matthew excuse themselves to the bathroom.
The old woman offers to guide them and comes back a while after, alone.
The friends are wondering where Andrew and Matthew are when they hear a loud scream. They grow worried as the woman insists on their need to go home. When she’s about to close the door, Boris runs back in and David automatically decides to get in the house through the window in order to save his dog.
He climbs in and stares, astonished, as Matthew and Andrew lay on the floor in a pool of their own blood.
The old woman is standing next to them – or what could be their dead bodies, David thinks with a shudder – and she’s holding a gun and laughing like a maniac.
Boris barks and the woman shouts and David… David shrieks like a little girl.
That’s when Mildred, Bartholomew and even Stephanie walk into the dusty room and burst out laughing.
“Oh gosh, you totally bought it!” Stephanie says, giggling.
“What is this?” David asks, still concerned but getting red in the face by the second.
“This, my friend, is a joke!” Matthew says, suddenly coming back to life.
“Happy Halloween!” Andrew screams.


lunes, 4 de noviembre de 2013

Happy Halloween!!!
       Hi everybody!
   As every year... Halloween has arrived!
   Here you have some of the photos we took on the 31st October at our high school. Enjoy them!!
   The English Department wants to thank students from 1st A, 2nd B, 3rd A and 3rd B for their effort and hard work in that day.
Thanks a lot!!!

miércoles, 19 de junio de 2013

Reinforcement Plan for 1st ESO
1)      Write five sentences in Present Simple using the following adverbs of frequency:
always           never        usually             sometimes           often       
a)      _____________________________________________________________
b)      _____________________________________________________________
c)      _____________________________________________________________
d)     _____________________________________________________________
e)      _____________________________________________________________
2)      Write five sentences describing your house using There is/are and the prepositions of place (in, on, under, behind, next to, in front of).
3)      Write four sentences about the previous pictures using the Present Continuous:
a)      _______________________________________________________________
b)     _______________________________________________________________
c)      _______________________________________________________________
d)     _______________________________________________________________
4)      Write five sentences about the things you can do and five with the things you can’t do:
a)      ________________________________________________________________________
b)     ________________________________________________________________________
c)      ________________________________________________________________________
d)     ________________________________________________________________________
e)      ________________________________________________________________________
a)      ________________________________________________________________________
b)     ________________________________________________________________________
c)      ________________________________________________________________________
d)     ________________________________________________________________________
5)      Write a description of your favourite singer or actress/ actor.
Good luck and have a nice summer!

1) Write a description about your best friend using Present Simple and Present Continuous, he/she has got, she/he is.


2) Write a comparison between two of your teachers using the comparatives and superlatives.


3) Write a small summary about the things you did last summer using the Past Simple.



4) Describe a city using the Past Simple and There was and There were.
Good luck and have a nice summer!!

Reinforcement  Plan for 4th ESO

1. 20 sentences in a text format with daily routines

2. 20 sentences with a text format writing about things you did last Summer (using verbs in the past)

3. 20 sentences with text format about New Years resolutions and plans (be+ going to)

4. 20 sentences with text format about what you have done today (present perfect)

5. 10 sentences with each word: since, for, already, just, yet.

6. 10 sentences with to (para finalidad)

7. 10 sentences with on (days), in (the afternoon, the morning) and at (time).

8. 10 sentences with like, hate and dislike (10 sentences with each word).

9. Write a physical description of your best friend (20 sentences with text format).

10. Write a personality description of your best friend using adjectives we have studied (20 sentences with text format)

11. Write about jobs you like and dislike (vocabulary from the book)

12. You go into a shop to buy a t-shirt (roleplay)

13. Write about a job interview (roleplay)

14. You are in a restaurant (roleplay)

15. 20 sentences with I conditional

16. 20 sentences with II conditional

17. Write about what you can buy and not buy do with your money (use money vocabulary from the book)

18. 20 sentences with text format with things you are doing NOW (present continuous).

19. Use travel vocabulary from the book to describe your last trip.

20. Write a 20 sentence text using words like: last year, last month, last weekend, last Monday, yesterday (past simple).

Good luck in September and have a great Summer, study and have fun!!!!!

lunes, 15 de abril de 2013

The Camping Fotobabbles
Hi boys and girls,
Here you have the new fotobabbles created by some of your classmates.
Remember you have to take a photo of the camping and describe this in Past and Past Continuous verbal tense.
Besides, here you have some photos of the Camping. Enjoy watching them and sharing your experience! ;)

domingo, 3 de febrero de 2013

2nd B Projects "My Favourite City"
        Here we have your projects about your favourite city. Some of them are really good!


lunes, 24 de diciembre de 2012

Merry Christmas
and Happy New Year!!!